Monday, July 28, 2014

week 67 Paralelepipedo...

July 28, 2014


Well this week was just like any other week...except...its been raining for 3 days now. But all is well :)

We had a great lesson with our 9 year old investigator Iago this week (his parents are already members). The spirit was so strong and it looks like he will be baptized this weekend! Just seeing this family smiling and so happy filled me with joy! The gospel is true and does improve our lives. 

This week we also went to a party for a missionary coming home. Let me just was weird. It was weird knowing that that will be me in 2 months. But as I keep telling everyone, I still have lots of time! I am here to work for the next 2 months, there is a lot that needs to be done in the next 2 months and absolutely no time to be trunky :)

Another short story for this week...we walked into the chapel yesterday and the RS president came up to me and said they needed me to play the piano for sacrament meeting! What?! Well I really didn't know what they hymns because the titles are in Portuguese, but I prayed and was able to figure out what the hymns were. I only played with one hand but I guess that is better than nothing. That was definitely an example to me of how Heavenly Father will always help us. 

Well have a great week everyone! Keep on smiling :)

Eu amo voces!

-Sister Kaycee Davis

P.S.-Sister Belo and I have been learning lots of new words this week, Portuguse for me and English for Sister Belo. Paralelepipedo-paving stone. Really hard work to pronouce but I can now :)

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