Monday, March 31, 2014

week 50 Red Paint

March 31, 2014


How is everyone doing? We had kind of a busy week which was good.

We had specialized training and interviews on Friday and it was great. During my interview President Ware basically told me when I am leaving (oh, the date got switched to April 22nd) and that they are going to miss me. I am going to miss serving in the WKM. 

Specialized training was about using the Book of Mormon more often in our teaching. The B of M can bring the spirit and teach a lot better than I can. I am grateful for the training because I was wondering what I could do to improve my teaching.

There is a less active family in our ward who we see every Sunday. We have been asking for weeks if we could do service for them at their farm. We'll finally Brother Gibson agreed, just because I'm leaving and they like me. So on Saturday we painted a water truck...the whole thing...bright red. It was a lot of fun! Brother Gibson was really impressed and said that he didn't expect us to be as hard of workers as we are and he said that "your daddies taught you right" or something like that :) I love doing service. We used oil paint and if you don't know, that kind of paint does not come off easily...Sister Steen and I looked great at women's conference covered in little red specks ha ha. 

Also women's conference was great! It was cool to see so many women and young women together :)

Well, I think that's about it for the week!...oh...except...Baylee got permission to call me this week when she found out she got her visa! So that was exciting to get to talk to her! The phone call started like "hello this is Sister Davis" Baylee: "Hi! Sister Davis this is Sister Davis!" It was awesome to get to talk to each other :)

Have a great week everyone and keep on smiling!

Eu amo voces!
-Sister Kaycee Davis

Monday, March 24, 2014

week 49 SURPRIZE

March 24, 2014

We had a pretty good week! We definitely had some ups and downs...but mostly ups :)
Up...we found a new investigator after 6 weeks of not having a new investigator! We thought that he and his wife were golden! Down...we went back on Sunday and they dropped us. They are Catholic and really don't want to change. I think someday they will be ready, it just wasn't the right time.

Up...we had stake conference on Saturday and Sunday. Elder Pieper of the 70 came and spoke. The Ware's also came and spoke. The main topic was hastening the work. One thing Elder Pieper said was- "the Lord acts through those who are on His side." I know that's true, but we also have to let Him work through us. We have to follow promptings we get. I know as we pray for the chance to have missionary opportunities with the intent to act on them, the He will lead us to where we are suppose to be and give us the chance to share the gospel.

Up... the biggest up of the week....ready??? President Ware called us on Wednesday anddddddd I GOT MY VISA!!!!!!!!! Ahhhhhhh!!!!! I'll be leaving onApril 15th to go to the Brazil MTC for 2 weeks and then will go to my mission in Vitoria! I really didn't think that my visa was ever going to come. Its a little bitter-sweet to be leaving the WKM, I will miss it. But Heavenly Father knows where He needs me and I will go where ever He wants me to go. I am excited for whatever comes next :)

UP.....We had a cool experience this week. We were tracting and a lady answered the door and we introduced ourselves. Then she started crying and told us how her grand daughter is only a month and a half old but is terminally ill and isn't going to live much longer and how she is having a really hard time and so is the rest of her family. So I asked if we could share a scripture with her. We did and then we prayed with her. I could tell from looking at her that she was so much calmer. She was comforted. She said that she knows God sends angels on the earth and called us angels. It was a great experience  :) Moments like that make me love being a missionary :)

Well, I hope you all have an amazing week! Keep on smiling :)

By the way...I forgot to mention...we found Jesus this week ha ha. We were walking and I looked down and saw that paper :) A lot of people we tract into tell us that they found Jesus already...but we literally did this week!
Eu amo voces!
-Sister Kaycee Davis

Monday, March 17, 2014

week 48 Verde

March 17, 2014
Oi! And Happy St. Patricks day!

Well this week was a little crazy with transfers and an unexpected Doctrine of Christ training that we had to go to, a Zone breakfast, and a Relief Society activity. Busy week.

We had a few miracles this week...1. we got to do a lot of service! I love doing service! 2. a family just moved into our ward and the wife served a mission about 7 years Brazil! She said she would do language study with me. That is going to help me so much :) 3. I saw Josh Perez (from Las Cruces) at the Doctrine of Christ training. He's doing great just so all of you know :)

One thing I've learned lately is how as missionaries we can't do this work by ourselves. Believe me, I've tried. But right now the work in our area is so slow and we don't know what to do. So I encourage all of you to go out and open your mouth! Every member a missionary! In the scriptures it promises if you open your mouth it will be filled. I challenge all of you to put that promise to the test...and tell me what happens :)

The Doctrine of Christ training was so good! One thing that President Ware told us was to make Christ the center of our circle (life). "When you focus on Christ in the center of your circle all the sweet things in life become sweeter." I know this is true.  Life IS better when we let Christ help us, and He does help us when we let Him in.

Well have a great week everyone and keep on smiling :)
Eu amo voces!
-Sister Kaycee Davis

Monday, March 10, 2014

Week 47 Onze! Onze! Onze! (11)

March  10, 2014

 Well we had transfer calls this week annndddd... I'm staying in Yakima! I have already been here for 6 months so this will probably be my last transfer here. But I am grateful that I get to stay a little longer, at least to be able to finish training Sister Steen.
So I hit 11 months today! I know I say that time is going so fast all the time, but its true! I have learned so much from my mission so far. I am excited for the next 7 months because I know I will learn so much more and change more too. Being a missionary is often times hard but everything about it is worth it and I'm grateful for the chance I have to continue serving for another 7 months :)
We had a great lesson this week with our investigator Juan. We hadn't seen him in 3 weeks and honestly I was ready to drop him and our other 2 investigators because no one has been progressing. But we were able to finally have a lesson with Juan and it went well! We taught about the Restoration (which by the way is my favorite lesson to teach) and he understood everything. He is ready and now we just have to get him to come to church. spring has started to come to Yakima! Its been raining a lot more. We were tracting the other day in the rain and there were worms all over the sidewalk, it was so gross ha ha. But it made tracting more exciting because we had to avoid steping on worms.
Well I hope you all have a great week! Keep on smiling :)
Eu amo voces!
 -Sister Kaycee Davis

Monday, March 3, 2014

Week 46 Olhos (eyes)

March 3, 2014

Well this week was I have pink gross! It started Friday afternoon in my right eye, then I woke up Saturday with it in both eyes. Luckily my district is awesome and so on Saturday I was able to send Sister Steen out with the other sisters and I stayed home with Sister Black. Then on Sunday all 4 elders in my district came and gave us both blessings (Sister Steen is having some back problems). I am so grateful for worthy priesthood holders. By the eyes are doing so much better today :) The power of priesthood blessings is real.
One interesting thing about being a missionary is there are a lot of days when you wake up and you just want to go back to bed and sleep for a couple more hours, but you dont. Then when you get sick and have to stay in all you want to do is go out and get back to work. Staying inside for two days has been hard and I am ready to work again. 

We had a really slow week, but one thing we did was a role play with our district leader and his companion. We have been struggling with our door approach and with teaching. So we got to role play with the elders and one of the young men from their ward. It was fun, and I definitely learned some things I need to work on, like bearing my testimony more often.  Our district leader said he wasnt going to be easy on us and he wasnt which was good, even if it made Sister Steen cry ha ha. But our door approach has really improved in the last few days, which is great :) I really dont like role playing but I know it helps a lot.
Well I hope you have a great week! One thing I've really learned lately is that a good attitude is really on smiling!
Eu amo voces!
-Sister Kaycee Davis