Saturday, January 3, 2015

3 meses em casa

 Exactly 3 months ago today I took off my name tag for the last time and with that started my life as a returned missionary. Needless to say coming home from a mission is a very...interesting experience. In a year and a half lots of things change, including you. So coming home means you kind of have to figure out who you are again.

Some things I've learned since being home...

   1. I dont like being idle. Sitting around is just so boring and its a complete waste of time.

   2. The little things are and will always be important. Like....studying (not just reading) the scriptures everyday, praying through out the day, serving others as much as possible, and just being a friend. These things make a huge difference and I know I need to do these things to keep me happy :)

   3. Heavenly Father has perfect timing at all times. He knew when I needed to get a calling, when I needed to start hiking with an awesome group of friends, and He knows when I need to get married...which is good since I definitely dont. He knows everything, which brings me so much comfort. Someone has my life under control.

   4. Having time to bake again is awesome!...but eating half the batch by myself....not so awesome.

   5. Portuguese and English dont mix very well...I still find myself switching words around.

   6. RM friends are great! I love my returned missionary friends (as well as my other friends!). They have given me the best advice since coming home. I've had a lot of hiking adventures with a certain group and its been so fun!

   7. I can still help people like I did as a missionary. Listening and caring will always be important.

   8. Hugs are awesome! Ha ha

   9. Its important to be happy where we are. I can be happy as an RM...being a a member of the university ward...and any other title I have now :) We should just be happy!

   10. I can always be a missionary! And I plan to always be a missionary, just without the white handbook and name tag. Sharing the gospel brings joy!

Anyways life has been great so far. I am about to start school again and I'll also be working so life will be crazy busy and stressful again, but I'm looking forward to it :) I know Heavenly Father will help me through whatever comes my way and that He really does have a plan for my life that is perfect for me.

Keep on smiling!