Monday, September 30, 2013

Week 24

September 30, 2013



Well this week was a little bit crazy with being transferred to
Yakima. So far Yakima is great. My companion is Sister Love, she likes
to work hard so things should go well I'm hoping :)

I don't know if any of you watched the general relief society
broadcast, but it was sooo good! I loved how President Monson made his
talk fit for all women, no matter what stage of life. One thing he
said that I really liked was- "your Heavenly Father loves you, loves
each of you. It never changes." I think thats a good thing to
remember. It seems like everyone is always changing but the constant
thing in our lives can be that Heavenly Father does love us. It amazes
me that He loves us even though we make so many mistakes but I'm sure
grateful that He does.

So in my new area we share a car with another set of sisters which
means....we walk a lot! I like walking but it does make my feet hurt.
But anyways the members here are awesome and so willing to help us and
give us rides. We didn't have the car one day and we were walking back
from the church building (about a mile from our house) it was almost 9
and it was raining. So as we were walking a big van drives past us and
then pulls over. It turns out its a member of our bishopric and his
wife. So they gave us a ride to our house. It was so nice of them and
was definietly a tender mercy that day.

Well I hope you all have a great week! Keep on smiling :)

Eu amo voce!
Sister Kaycee Davis

P.S.- My new companion, Sister Love. And my last picture at the
Perry's house, right before I was transferred.

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