Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Week 20

September 3, 2013

Yellow peaches and green flyers

Hello everyone!
Well this week was pretty good. We did quite a bit I think.

On Tuesday we did something I've never done before...canned peaches! We have been teaching the lessons to an older couple in our ward just for some practice and we got to their house on Tuesday and they were like- your right on time to help can peaches! So that was fun!

Sister Harris and I were also a little bit sneaky this week. You see we were at the church building and a member of our ward came in and started printing off the programs for Sunday, so we started helping fold them, then we notice that we are suppose to put a green flyer in them about the stake day of service coming up. Well it just so happens that the bottom of the flyer says- "a great opportunity to invite your friends of another faith." Hmmmmm...what would we as missionaries looking for people to teach do to make sure everyone sees this?...highlight it! Ha ha, so yes we highlighted over a hundred flyers (we cover 2 wards, lots of programs). We are just trying to spread the word :)

We also found a new investigator while tracting this week. We had an appointment with a less active couple and they were running late, so we tracted a few more houses on their street and we met a guy named Martin Lotz. He has tons of Mormon friends and we have seen him twice now. It was really awesome because he asked us about church before we even had the chance to invite him to come! I love it when that happens! Hopefully things will keep going well with him.

I know this is getting long so last comment...I forgot my name tag a few days ago when we left the house. You know your a missionary,  when you forget your name tag and you feel kind of lost ha ha. Well I hope everyone has a great day! Keep on smiling :)

Eu amo voces!
Sister Kaycee Davis

P.S.- pictures...One is Sister Harris and I canning peaches. The other- Thank you Los Colinas ward for the amo voce!

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