Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Week 21 Five Months

September 9, 2013

E aconteceu que....

i! Tudo bem?!

Well...lets see, how should I start this? It was a pretty good week! On Tuesday we had district meeting and the elders set up a treasure hunt. So we had to follow a map. It was fun, except for the fact that we had to go down a slide ha ha. Skirts and slides dont mix very well :)

We did exchanges this week and I got to leave my area and go with a sister training leader to her area. It was a lot of fun and I learned so much from her. I asked her one thing that she has learned on her mission and she said that when things get hard, when you get discouraged to remember the good things that have happened. I thought that was pretty good advice and I will definitely have to apply that.

We did a church tour with a non member yesterday. A less active young man in our ward texted us a few days ago and asked if we could take his friend on a tour. Its kind of cool because the young man is starting to come back to church, and he even told us that being able to tell this girl about the gospel and bear his testimony has helped him a lot. So the actual tour did not go all that great. We had prepared but it just didn't run very smoothly. But when we asked her how she felt at the end she said she felt amazing and that she couldn't explain how she felt. I was praying the whole time that she would feel the spirit and its amazing that when you invite the spirit to be with you that it will be there and will help you more than you imagined was possible. The spirit is definitely the teacher and not me. She wants to know more which is awesome! She might not live in our area which is kind of sad but I am just happy that we at least got to teach her a little bit.

By the way the title is "and it came to pass that..." That is one of the phrases I can recognize when I'm trying to study Portuguese. Well hopefully everyone is doing well! Have a great week and keep on smiling :)

Eu amo voces!
Sister Kaycee Davis

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