Monday, October 7, 2013

Week 25 six months

October 7, 2013

I Love General Conference


How's everyone doing? This week was alright. I'm getting to know
Yakima a little bit better, which is good.

Wasnt general conference so good?! I loved it! We were challenged by
our mission president to bring questions to conference and its kind of
cool because some of my questions got answered. We had been wondering
what to do in our area and the with the members more. So
we are going to try to do that. One thing I loved was Elder Holland
said- "we are infinitely more than our limitations." I think I need to
focus on that more often.

I cant believe it has been a year since the announcement was made
about the changing the age at which missionaries can serve. I am so
grateful that I decided to serve a mission almost exactly a year ago.
I cant imagine being anywhere else than on a mission right now. Being
a missionary is the best!

So there is a family here- the Ricks, who have fed us twice in the 2
weeks I've been here. They are also one of the only families that
knows I'm a visa waiter. So we ate with them on Tuesday and right
before we left Sister Ricks says they have a gift for both of us. They
gave Sister Love a box of lemonade (her favorite drink) and they gave
my a can of hot chocolate I don't freeze ha ha. They are a
great family :)

Well I cant really think of anything else. Oh! Before I
week we get to go to the temple! So I wont be emailing until
Wednesday. Have a great week and keep on smiling :)

Eu amo voces!
-Sister Kaycee Davis

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