Monday, September 16, 2013

Week 22

September 16, 2013

Ugly sweaters

Hello there everyone!

Well this week flew by...seriously I have no idea where it went!

So I've heard that a lot of people are having bad weather...well guess what?! We had a big storm yesterday was awesome. It hit right after we got to our dinner appointment. The family we ate with lives on the side of a hill and we got to watch as the storm rolled over the hill, so cool...then their electricity went off ha ha. So we ate dinner in the dark, then sang song girls camp songs with their family. It was fun :)

Saturday was our stakes service day and they put on a huge swap meet, open to the whole community. So all the missionaries in our stake were asked to help with it. We got there at 8:30 and were busy the whole morning. Well at one point things were starting to slow down a little bit and so I suggested we have an ugly sweater contest. So all of us sisters found ugly should have seen the elders faces when we asked them to take a pictures. It was fun and a much needed break from helping all morning.

We also had zone meeting this week and it was great. One thing that was said was- "you sacrificed 2 years (or 18 months) in your life, make good use of it." This has made me reevaluate my mission and my work ethic. I am definitely going to work harder and make the most of my mission!

This is kind of long, sorry about that. I hope everyone has a great week...keep on smiling!

Eu amo voces!
Sister Kaycee Davis

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