Monday, July 22, 2013

Week 12

Week 12 July 8   Third Month

Hello everyone!


 Well this week had a lot of ups and downs. One up was we had an investigator stay for 2 out of the 3 hours of church! He usually only stays for sacrament meeting because he has a lot of pain problems. So we told him we would bring in a soft chair from the mothers lounge if he would come to Sunday school...imagine our surprise when he said he would come, it was awesome! The hard part was getting the chair...Sister Funk and I were trying to carry it ourselves and then one of the ym came and asked if we needed help. Needless to say...he ended up carrying the chair for us ha ha. I actually taught Sunday school all by myself and everyone said my lesson was great...I basically just asked a ton of questions and the class taught themselves :)


 We met our new mission president this week! President and Sister Ware are great and I'm so excited to see what happens :) President Ware taught us to be to "clear, honest, and direct" in teaching and answering questions. I thought that was great advice and I will definitely try to do that. 


 The worst part of my week was getting a call from President Ware, he actually called around 10:20 and we didn't hear the phone go off, so he said I needed to call him in the morning. I decided in the morning that I would pray to be able to accept whatever he was going to tell me. President Ware told me that my Grandma Davis had died. That was really hard to hear, and it was hard to call my parents but I have realized how blessed I am to have to gospel in my life and to have the knowledge that I can pray and Heavenly Father will hear me. I have been doing quite a bit of praying and I have found so much comfort in that. Also with just getting back to work. Working hard is the best cure when you get bad news I think. 


 I think one thing I have learned on my mission so far is how important family is. I am so grateful for my family and all that they have taught me and all they do for me. I love my family So much!


 Well I hope everyone is doing well! Have a great week and keep on smiling :)


Eu amo voce,

 Sister Kaycee Davis

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