Monday, July 22, 2013

Week 10

Week 10 June 24



Hey there everyone! I got you didnt I, ha ha. So yes I did find out something about my visa this week and that was that I had to go get my fingerprints done and sign an FBI form. I thought doing visa paperwork was over with but I guess not.


 It was a pretty good week! By the way did anyone watch the world wide broadcast? Wow, it was soooo good! I'm already a missionary but it got me all excited about missionary work, so hopefully all of you got excited too! The work is hastening and we all need to be missionaries! One thing Sister Funk and I talked about yesterday was that if people were just doing their visiting/home teaching then our job as missionaries would be easier. So if you want to do missionary work, do your visiting/home teaching :)


 Another thing that happened this week is our alarm clock didnt go off one morning! I woke up and my watch said 6:54, I'm pretty sure we got out of bed faster then we ever have before ha ha. 


 I have really grown to love the Book of Mormon! It is full of amazing stuff :) This week one of the chapters I read was 2 Nephi 9. Its a great chapter. Verse 18 really stuck out to me. It basically talks about enduring life well and how if we do our "joy shall be full forever" that sounds so amazing to me. Enduring to the end does not have to sound negative and I think its better to think of it as just keep going, keep improving. Enduring is hard sometimes but I know we can do it :)


 I hope everyone is doing well! Have a great week and keep on smiling :)


Eu amo voce,

 Sister Kaycee Davis

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