Wednesday, April 30, 2014

week 54 Sao Paulo.....que!

April 30, 2014
 Well this week has definitely been different. Last Monday I went to the mission home for the departing missionaries dinner and testimony meeting. Then Tuesday I was on an airplane for about 16 total hours. The funny thing is I flew from Pasco to Minniapolis with an elder who was heading techniquely we were companions for a couple of hours. Can I just say it is so weird to be by yourself for almost a whole day when you have been within sight and sound of someone for an entire year. The best part of the whole trip was talking to my mom and dad at JFK, finding out I have a new nephew, and seeing Baylee once I got to the way we did not plan to match at all ha ha, it just happened.
 The rest of this week has been full of studying Portuguese. Seriously all we do is study, all day long. But my Portuguese has gotten a little better. I am the worst in the class and its definitely frustrating trying to teach in Portuguese because I know exactly what I want to say in English but cant say it in Portuguese. But I know Heavenly Father will help me with the language because He wouldnt have sent me to Brazil with 6 months left if there wasnt something for me to do here. Everything will be fine, I just need to be patient.
 I think the best thing about being back in the MTC (ha ha not many people can say they went back to the MTC, weird) is that we have devotionals twice a week. Last night President Pinon (an area 70) came and spoke to us. We had to wear headphones and listen to the interpreter but it was a really good talk! He talked a lot about the missionary purpose which is so important to remember as a missionary, I definitely need a reminder every once in a while. He also said something I really liked- 'The Lord is molding your heart right now...learn to be molded and become what He wants.' I know that everything we go through hard or easy is for a reason and will help later. There is a lesson to be learned in everything we go through and we can either choose to be happy and learn the lesson or be miserable. I choose to be happy and learn. Heavenly Father has a plan for each of us and He loves us so much, I know He wont let me fail as I work hard.
 Well I think thats it for now! I still am kind of suprised every day when I look out the window and see Sao Paulo ha ha. Have a good week everyone and keep on smiling!
 -Sister Kaycee DavisEu amo voces!

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