Thursday, April 24, 2014

week 53 part 2 BRAZIL!!!!!!!

April 23, 2014

Well I made it Brazil! It still doesn't even seem real that I'm finally here. Baylee and I found each other right after we landed here in Sao Paulo...the crazy thing is we are wearing the exact same thing ha ha...we must be twins or something.  From the airport we drove to the CTM, which took 2 hours. By the way drivers in Brazil are crazy! Seriously all of us in the car thought we were going to die multiple times. But all is well so far and I've already learned a lot. Its beautiful here and I am excited to get to work. My time as a visa waiter is finally over, I'm a little nervous about the language but I know Heavenly Father will help me. Well I have to go! Have a great week and keep on smiling!
Eu amo voces!
-Sister Kc Davis

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