Thursday, August 1, 2013

week 15

July 29, 2013
Elder Oso

 So how was everyone's week? This week I learned how amazing our new mission president is. This will take a little see there is a giant stuffed animal bear named Elder Oso that has been floating around this mission for about 4 years. Well for the last few weeks the elders in my district have been stealing Oso from each other. Sister Funk and I were feeling a little left out and last Monday we were hanging out with a bunch of other missionaries and someone accidently said where Oso was being hidden...the mission home. We had been trying to figure out how to get Oso for a while and so we called up President Ware, told him that we wanted to get Oso so we would feel more included in our district. President Ware responded- the mission home will be unlocked in 15 minutes, just walk right in...this conversation never happened. Ha ha, President and Sister Ware are amazing! So we still have Oso...we actually put a dress on him and now he is Sister Oso because we cant have an elder in our room. So we definitely feel included in our district now because everyone wants to get Oso back from us...its not going to happen :)

 We had zone conference this week and I learned a lot. The focus was on how to do a church tour, which was perfect because we are trying to get one of our investigators to take a tour. Its amazing how sometimes at training and meetings you learn exactly what you are needing to hear.
 So this week I had kind of an interesting experience. Our district went out to lunch at a Chinese place (I wasn't really excited about this because I don't really like eating out and I don't like having to spent money on eating out when we get free Subway once a week and could have gone there). So we had all ordered and a man walks to our table and sets down a gift card for $90! He paid for all of our lunches and we knew there would be money left over. The rest of the missionaries I was with, 5 elders, 3 sisters, started talking about how we would use the rest of the money, who would get in out of all the companionships or if we could get cash back and split it. I didn't think this was right. So I suggested that with the left over money we give it to someone else in the restaurant. Everyone just kind of looked at me then said that's a good idea. I just figured that if someone was willing to pay for our lunches we should do the same. Thank you for teaching me to be charitable.
I did find out this week that everyone who got here the same day as me, who were waiting for their visas are gone. Everyone has gotten their visa except me. I actually found this out last Monday too, Sister Funk had known for a few days but didn't tell me. So that was a little disappointing but I guess there is still some reason Heavenly Father needs me here.

 Well, I hope everyone has a great week! Remember to keep on smiling, it definitely helps you have a better week :)

Eu amo voces!
 Sister Kaycee Davis

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