Monday, August 19, 2013

Week 18

August 19, 2013
Ola everyone!

This week was kind of crazy. We had transfers and I am staying here in Kennewick. My new companions name is Sister Harris. She actually left the mtc the day before I went in so we've been out for almost the same amount of time. So we are just trying to figure everything out together :)

The best part of my week, and the most stressful part was that Riley got baptized on Saturday! I didn't know how much work goes into planning and preparing for a baptism, but everything went smoothly...except for the fact that we completely forgot to tell Riley to bring a towel ha ha oops. Luckily someone who lived close by ran and got him one. I was praying so much that everything would go well and Heavenly Father definitely answered my prayers because everything went a lot better then I imagined it would. I am so grateful that I had the chance to help teach Riley. He is a great young man and I know he is going to do great things.

I think one thing I have to learn over and over is how important prayer is. I know that Heavenly Father is always listening and I am so grateful He is and for all the help He gives me. I hope everyone has a great week! Keep on smiling :)

Eu amo voces!
-Sister Kaycee Davis

P.S.- Pictures: Riley's baptism. Sister Funk was able to come to it and then there's my new companion Sister Harris. The next one is in the Perry's backyard in their playhouse. And the last one is Sister Funk, Jori Perrins, and me. Jori is the young woman who introduced Riley to the church. She is amazing.
picture of baptism wouldn't up load

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