Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Week 58 Tchau Marcilio!

 May 26, 2014 


Well, we got transfer calls last night and I am getting transfered. But that's ok, I am really hoping I'm not in a trio this time. The strange thing here is that when you get transferred you have no idea where you are going or who your companion is going to be. So this will be exciting!

The sister training leaders came to our area on Wednesday and we went on exchanges. One of the STL's is sister Peterson from my MTC district in the MTC! That was great because I was able to ask her some of my questions and get some more suggestions on how to study Portuguese. I also was able to help teach 2 of our lessons which was really nice. I miss teaching so much and in my trio right now I don't really get to teach or talk.

We had a baptism this week- Nelton. I really don't know him at all, but we were able to do service for him. I think when you serve others you are able to love them more. 

Oh, before I forget...I made pancakes last Monday. They were interesting ha ha but my companions liked them and they loved the syrup I made.

I think that is pretty much it. I know Heavenly Father is helping me so much, and I am so grateful that he answers my prayers. Have a great week and keep on smiling everyone!

Eu amo voces!
 -Sister Kaycee Davis

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