Monday, May 12, 2014

week 56 Vitoria Brasil...

May 12, 2014
Oi! Tudo bem?!

Well its been a really crazy week. I left the CTM on Tuesday and flew to Vitoria, that is when I really started to realize that I dont speak Portuguese. Trying to have a conversation with my new mission president and his wife was so hard. But everything has worked out so far.

I am in a trio with a sister from Brasil and one from Argentina. We use lots of hand motions because we really dont understand each other very well.

I think the best parts of my week were the small miracles that happened-

1. Our office secretary (they dont have senior missionaries here, just a companionship of elders working in the mission office) is from the U.S., was  a visa waiter for 6 months and speaks English! 

2. One of my zone leaders and my sister training leader are from the U.S., so I can always call them if I need help. My STL was actually in my MTC district in Provo so I know her really well.

3. I got to skype with my family yesterday! That was the best part of my week. I am constantely reminded of how important families are and I am so grateful for my family! I love you all so much!

4. Heavenly Father has answered so many of my prayers. I hit 13 months this week and this week has been stressful with not knowing the language, not understanding anything, and feeling completely lost most of the time. But everytime I feel like I cant do this, like its too hard and have prayed for help Heavenly Father has comforted me and helped me keep going. Prayer works.

Some interesting things that have happened- I woke up one morning and my eyes were completely swollen, they arent swollen anymore but that was really weird... We had a pizza with hardboiled eggs, some kind of meat, corn, peas, and onions on it. It was actually pretty good. 

The work here in Brazil is really different than in the states but I am grateful that Heavenly Father has given me the chance to serve here. Yes, its hard. But everything will work out the way its suppose to. I know Heavenly Father has a reason for everything.

Well I have to go but I hope everyone has a great week! Keep on smiling!

Eu amo vocês!
 -Sister Kaycee Davis

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